For centuries, a stone or brick fireplace has been the centerpiece of the home. That’s why when it comes to turning your brick or stone vision into a reality, you should trust your project to J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. It’s a painstaking process that combines artistry, knowledge of materials and absolutely precise masonry craftsmanship.
With decades in the business, we can answer all your questions about construction, feasibility and functionality. Then our skilled craftsmen will work with your ideas to create a stunning fireplace, using the materials of your choice.
Considering adding an indoor or outdoor fireplace? If so, please take into consideration the benefits of hiring a professional for your project. 
At J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc., we employ some of the best masons, from all over the country. They are true craftsmen with years of experience on all kinds of projects, using all kinds of materials. This makes a big difference when it comes to quality installation and professional craftsmanship. A well-crafted stone or brick fireplace requires skilled hands, knowledge of materials and an artistic eye. 
Any kind of brick or stone project, including a fireplace, can increase the market value of your home. At J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc., we enhance your living spaces with stunning fireplaces that will transform any ordinary room or patio into a cozy and inviting sanctuary.
From conception to completion, J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. has the necessary skills and experience to make your masterpiece. No matter the size or scope of your project, we are ready to make you say, “Wow!”