The custom stonework and experienced masonry of J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc., is the perfect foundation for any sculpture setting. Many sculptures are created to complement a landscape, so a plain, concrete foundation can often detract from the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. A raised brick or stone installation may be more appropriate and can create a stronger focal point.

Sculpture settings can vary as much as the art itself, in design and materials. It is important to choose a setting design that compliments the artwork, but does not distract. In addition to creating the right aesthetic, a proper sculpture setting can anchor your artwork and protect it from the elements.

Choosing the right location is also important. Our eyes are naturally drawn to corners, but it’s important to consider any existing trees, plants and shrubs. Bushes and hedges can also create clean geometric lines to frame your sculpture. However all these considerations are secondary to choosing a safe and beautiful setting for your sculpture.

Knowing how to safely move and work with sculptures, sometimes weighing up to several thousands pounds, can be a daunting task. And every sculpture requires a different kind of anchor to properly secure it. It takes experience and technical expertise to do it right. We utilize advanced techniques tailored to the specific logistical needs of each installation. The very best way to protect your investment is to put it in the experienced hands of J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. As skilled craftsmen, we appreciate the days, sometimes years it takes to finish a sculpture. A piece of art requiring that much time and energy deserves a strong and beautiful foundation.