Stone is one of the oldest and most durable construction materials available. Because of its long-lasting quality and natural beauty, stone is still a popular choice. Because each stone has its own inherent beauty, using stone can be a great way to warm up a modern interior. Working with stone is a bit different from brick and requires both skill and aesthetic appreciation. At J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc., we are committed to our craft.

Stone can be used in many interiors to decorate a wall or staircase. It is also a popular choice for exterior projects like patios, fountains, walls and landscape accents. Using a combination of brick and stone, a very popular trend, can create balance and harmony in a masonry project. Whether you are building a stately pool and patio, or just want to create a small, backyard sanctuary, J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality and timely work, according to budget, that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Our stone masonry at J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. has decorated some of the most beautiful homes and outdoor venues in the St. Louis area. We bring generations of experience to your project. From perfectly paved walkways, to beautiful, flowing stairs, we are the region’s first choice for the very finest in masonry contracting.

Have a project in mind? See something in a magazine? Contact us and let us answer your questions or begin the design process. You can also call to request a quote. From design to project completion, J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. is committed to your ultimate customer experience, beginning with your very first phone call.