Stone fireplaces serve not only as a decorative centerpiece for your patio, but also as a comfortable and warm place for family and friends to linger around a fire. When it comes to outdoor entertaining, nothing is more inviting, or convenient, than an outdoor fireplace in your own backyard.

A well-crafted stone or brick fireplace requires skilled hands, knowledge of materials and an artistic eye. At J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. we employ some of the best masons, from all over the country. They are true craftsmen with years of experience on all kinds of projects, using all kinds of materials. This makes a big difference when it comes to quality installation and professional craftsmanship.

If you are considering adding an outdoor fireplace to your yard, it’s never too early to begin planning.


Benefits of an Outdoor Fireplace

When designing an outdoor entertaining space, there are endless options. An outdoor fireplace is always a great choice because of its vibrant, long-lasting heat and durability.

The biggest benefit when it comes to installing your outdoor fireplace is the comfort and ambiance it creates for you and your guests. Instead of searching for the perfect place to get together with friends, you can create it in your own backyard.

Another great reason to consider an outdoor fireplace is that it expands the season. And wouldn’t we all love more summer! Because an outdoor fireplace provides both warmth and ambiance, it will allow you to jump into spring a little sooner, and enjoy fall a little longer.

As we know, in St. Louis we have to be ready for all four seasons, at any moment. An outdoor fireplace not only provides warmth for you and your guests, but also adds style and elegance to your outdoor living space.

At J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc., we build custom patios and permanent outdoor fireplaces that are both beautiful and durable. A Seibel outdoor fireplace will enhance your entertaining space and your property value.


Planning Your Outdoor Fireplace

Our experienced and talented design crew can answer your questions about the size and scope of any project. Fireplaces can be gas or wood burning. We also invite you to check out our fireplace gallery for ideas. There are really no limits to what we can do.

We’ll make sure your fireplace blends effortlessly with your existing landscape, patio and backyard plantings.

You can also include additional features like outdoor lighting, to further enhance the enjoyment and accessibility of your outdoor fireplace. Lighting is such an important element when it comes to creating a particular mood. An illuminated brick path allows for safe enjoyment of your backyard sanctuary, anytime of day or night.

Some of our clients, especially those living within the city, like to add a privacy wall, which can help to separate your space from nearby urban congestion.

At J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. we work together with other experts (when needed) to provide you with a seamless, carefully thought-out and engineered design, that includes any additional elements or infrastructure you might want.

Ready to Start Planning?

If you’re ready to start thinking about your backyard as place to linger and entertain, contact J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. From conception to completion, J. V. Seibel & Sons, Inc. has the necessary skills and experience to make your fireplace a masterpiece. No matter the size or scope of your project, we are ready to make you say, “Wow!” We have the talent and experience to create the backyard entertaining space of your dreams. Have questions about outdoor fireplaces? Call (314) 909-8787 to talk to an experienced masonry expert.

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